Like a Virgin

likeAvirginI recall the first time I was scheduled to speak at a major conference at 19. I was a nervous wreck. Speaking was not a strange art, but this time, I was going to be addressing a crowd of over 7000 people. It was a fun prospect at first, and then my nerves gave way the night before. I could barely sleep.

My talk was successful. However, I relive that moment frequently. It’s a constant reminder that nervousness does not mean you’re not ready. In fact, after years of speaking, I still get a little nervous before each speech.

The moment I’m on stage, I instantly get calm and I flow. Why? I’m prepared. Hence, once it’s time to get the job done, my nerves surrender to the power of preparation. The crazy feeling that I get before speaking is now a signal that everything is going to be alright.

Whenever you’re faced with taking a dream-step for the first time let your nerves serve you. It’s OK to feel crazy. It shows that you care. Just don’t stop!


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