langlang2His performance is an out of body experience; very intense. A trance puts it in perspective. The Chinesevirtuoso pianist, Lang Lang, is like no other. He ‘ripped’ the hall apart at the 56th Grammy Awards when he performed with the heavy metal band, Metallica. In his element, he’s completely caught up. Beyond the typical, his output is nothing short of celestial.

This intensity is usually found among the very best. They’re completely sold out to their craft in strange ways. This is the arena of exceptional leadership. At this stage, they lead by essence. It’s deep!

Few see the need to be exceptional. Probably because of the level of sacrifice involved, their environment or maybe they’re just not interested. Whatever the case, mediocrity is simply boring.

Folks that function at this level of excellence first decide on the level of impact that they want to make on the world. It’s no flaky approach. They decide, then commit.

Decide to be the very best. Plot much higher levels in your being and endeavor. Soar with the eagles. Move beyond normal. Make plans to ‘rip the stage’. Totally nail it!


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