The Child

thechild5Death is what happens when the child in you disappears. When your eyes lose the sparkle of inquiry, you’re lifeless.

I once lost my sparkle. And sadly, I had no clue it was gone. Seated across from one of my mentors, he said to me, “Samuel, the sparkle in your eyes is gone”. I was shocked.

The sparkle in a child’s eyes is priceless. Full of hope, joy and expectation, the toddler ventures into life…not worried about the dangers that lurk in her path. That’s until adulthood sets in. The lively kid gradually becomes a scared adult, full of suspicion and fear.

The billionaire businessman, Sir Richard Branson, insists on having it differently. He’s literally built an empire simply by constantly engaging the child in himself. That child wants to travel the world in a balloon; live on an island; shuttle people to space and engage in many crazy adventures…and the world is paying to watch him play.

Adulthood shouldn’t be the death of the child in you. It ought to be a state where the child has developed such amazing capacity and can now become…a really cool kid.

You’ve got no excuse.


One thought on “The Child

  1. Speaking of childishness, I don’t mind people calling optimism childish. I think optimism is something that the world needs so much, you know. And friendship. Yes, the world freaking needs more friendship, alright!

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