No Cloths

noclothsChildren never sign contracts on the playground. They simply show up, play and go home. There’s trust, even after a fight. “I don’t want to play with you”, quickly turns to, “let’s play”, unlike their parents.

You know you’ve crossed the threshold into adulthood when you start having trust issues. As adults, we have contracts, laws, lawyers, court hearings, board meetings, etc, stuff that would bore a child to death…just to guard our interests.

If you don’t know better, you would think adulthood is all about avoiding hurt. It’s not. Trust can be fun.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my fair share of hurt doing life. However, I’ve refused to allow these experiences close me up to the joys of living. It took awhile, but I finally learned that people’s immaturity does not have to make my life unpleasant.

I enjoy trust. Since adulthood is what it is, I’ve put systems in place to ensure that I’ve got the environment that I need to trust and be trusted. And when systems fail, I learn, do the repair and keep enjoying my life.

The avoidance of hurt will never become my prison. No way!


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