20 Exchange Place, Financial District, New York CityYou did not raise your child – only. Your child raised you too.

I see adults arrogantly talk about how they raised their children. Like they need refund from their kid. I beg to differ. You raised each other. It’s a two-way street.

You see, children start contributing to society the second that they arrive. Your baby gives you joy and bring so much emotional value into your life. For many, the arrival of a child gave them a reason to live. The value is immense. Yet, your kid never gives you an invoice.

As your kid grows, so do you. Folks enjoy personal growth in the process of raising a child. Most likely, you’re more patient, developed greater insight and have become more strategic since your kid appeared.

They don’t have a job yet, raid your refrigerator and play all day…but these little adults are doing their job…usually ‘unpaid’. Kids probably add more value to you than you think you’re adding to them. Children don’t pay the bills, but I believe they contribute greatly to the process. Your child is raising you too.

You should probably write your kid a cheque!


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