The Good Fight

thegoodfightA child’s innocence is challenged by a harsh world. Soon enough, they find themselves confronting their parents’ fears and society’s limitations. Slowly the limits on their minds begin to pile as they’re progressively discouraged from asking questions.

Society has a way of crushing the existing dreams in a child’s soul. Hence, for anyone to truly live their dreams, they have to put up a fierce fight. Whether you win or lose, the battle is inevitable.

It starts with lies about how far you can go. They tell you that your desire is unreasonable and cannot be done. You’re shown the ‘casualties’ that made an attempt. Fear is instilled…it’s a big bad world. “We’re trying to protect you”, they say. That may be true, but in the grand scheme of your dream, it’s a lie!

Sadly, many great dreams have been buried under these lies. The child is fought to be ‘normal’. In being normal, you’re expected to think and talk like everyone else, act the same, do alike…and die together. Not cool!

Never be ‘normal’.


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