Wild Eyes

wildeyesOne day, when I was 5, my parents were getting ready to take me out. As we prepared, I suddenly went quiet. My young mind was wondering why my dad’s cloths were bigger than mine.

On that note, I insisted on wearing my father’s cloths instead of my small ones. I wanted big cloths. Following a prolonged tantrum and my parents’ futile attempt to reason with me, my father finally gave in. He put his jacket on me and I was swallowed up. I disappeared.

I quickly realized that size mattered. The jacket was not designed for my little frame. It was uncomfortable. My desire for my dad’s big cloths died. Yet, I was satisfied. I had explored.  I learned.

The vastness of life is humbling. The insane creativity in nature is stunning. The complexity of life is mind blowing. That said. I don’t see the point of locking your mind down to a few mundane options. There’s so much more to life.

That’s why visionaries seem restless. The more they see, the more there is to see. A vision is an endless evolution. Life is infinity. Explore!


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