One Goal

unageekcolorAsk anyone who has fought in a war and they’ll confirm that in the heat of battle, they have no time for ‘three wishes’. They understand that every move is death related; cuteness does not apply. Usually, the soldier maintains one focus.

In my experience, I’ve discovered that in the midst of massive contention, it helps to have one goal. Not five, not three, but one single strong focus.


In combat, energy is a scarce resource. You want to conserve your energy as much as possible. Running out of steam quickly or having your focus all over the place could prove dangerous.

Your eyes on one major goal also acts as the force that begins to pull you out of the mess and keeps you motivated. For the soldier in the trenches, it could be the goal of seeing his beautiful wife and kids again or a promise to a loved one.  It’s something beyond the conflict that fuels your every move.

In your war, do you have that one goal that makes the difference?  What fuels your soul in the heat of battle?


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