The Art of War

Carved Lion HeadBelieve it or not, the announcement of Britain’s entrance into World War 1 met with celebrations in the streets. Considering the circumstances, war was inevitable and the nation had to respond. Likewise, beyond life’s usual challenges, there are times for war

You’re at war when you’re faced with life-altering trouble and its either you fight or die. It could be anything from ailment to crippling debt or damaged reputation; massive conflict! These are unusual challenges that come to take us out or put us in a prolonged state of misery.

It’s important to recognize your war because behavior at such times is different from peace time. Are you currently at war? If you are, what are you going to do about it?

War is declared!

When confronted by an issue that’s a massive threat to your peace and you’ve decided to fight, I suggest you declare it. This means taking a strong mental position. Your mind is poised for a good fight. In this case, you consciously draw the line in the sand and…it’s on!


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