The Signs

thesignsOne of the beauties of being an adult is that you’re poised to quickly identify phony. Generally, the older you get, you train yourself to know what you want and what you don’t. You know how what you want looks like.

As we grow older, even our idea of success changes. It’s progressively defined based on each person’s values and we establish clear signs to help us know when we’ve attained it.

It’s frustrating to engage in the battles of life without knowing what victory looks like. When I was in debt, I had a clear picture of what winning was. My strategic plan to be debt-free included a well-deserved vacation. So when I paid it off, I bought a ticket and went off to have a blast.

Also, I had signs in my payment plan to show me that I was getting close to the finish line. This kept me energized.

The challenges of life can be exhausting. That’s why it’s helpful to have a way of knowing that you’re winning. This way you’re able to monitor, evaluate and adjust your strategy for best results.

Keep winning!


Act Now

actnow2Germany is the current soccer world cup champion. During their game against Brazil, one BBC commentator described their play as “clinically executed”. Like an unstoppable war machine, they made history by ‘crushing’ the Brazilian team. It was shocking!

A study of the German style of play would reveal good strategy. Their performance was premeditated and executed beautifully. Speaking to a business leader, he confirmed that poor executive is one reason why business strategies fail.

It’s possible to have a great plan and weak output; happens all the time. Your plan may look good on paper, but not so good in life. Sometimes, the strategy is simply ignored and not carried out.

Germany did not only plan, they did the plan.

In the bid to reclaim your life, beat down trouble and get exactly what you want, planning alone is not enough. You have to do the plan. Without commitment to action, no strategy is effective.

Action is strategy at play.


plottingCorporate anywhere is a war zone. I’ve sat through long hours of strategy where management tries to come up with innovation to outwit the competition. In some cases, wrong moves could mean brand damage or the loss of market share.

Deciding on strategy is no flaky exercise.

War strategies are carefully thought out based on intelligence gathered. Flexibility is built into the scheme in recognition of real time action. Each step is considered, down to the duration of certain operations. Also, strategy is designed to occur in phases.

Almost 10years ago, due to poor financial decisions, I was thousands of dollars in debt. It was war and I decided to fight. After coming to terms with the pain, I sat down with pen and paper and designed a phase by phase strategy to financial freedom. I attacked the debt with military precision and it worked. I systematically got out of debt.

When endangered, sometimes viewing trouble as a whole can be overwhelming. However, breaking it down into bits and tackling it phase by phase can create the ease required for victory.

Armed with a good plot, you can win!