25 Signs of the #POORLYRICH

PoorlyRichIn society, what’s obvious are the POOR and the RICH. But there’s another group: the #POORLYRICH. This group is generally ignored. Here’s a brief profile of this crowd:

  1. They have money but have been traumatized or psychologically damaged by poverty.
  1. To this group, their money or possessions – form the core their identity. They’re rich with a deep sense of inferiority complex. Without money they lack effective presence.
  1. They’re not careful to properly heal from the traumatic experiences of the past due to poverty. Eventually, some become oppressors due to past wounds.
  1. They have the ‘messiah complex’ and only lead followers. They’re not secure enough to lead leaders or smarter folks. They’ve got to be the smartest in the group. Great talent can’t thrive in their environment.
  1. They have a vague or no understanding of honor. They display uncouth behavior, believe that having money is grounds for rudeness and are unable to appropriate respect.
  1. They’re always winging it; wealth creation is a gamble. They lack the discipline required to create healthy sustainable systems. ‘As long as we’re making some cash, all is well’ – they think.
  1. They think using people is the same as building relationships.
  1. They ensure you’re ‘baptized’ by their influential network list every time you meet; name-dropping is essential.
  1. They would rather watch the world burn than to admit they don’t know. Extensive enquiry makes them sleepy; they hate questions.
  1. They’re always running from poverty, even with a huge bank balance. They’re never settled or relaxed in their wealth.
  1. They’re rich folks who frustrate great talent due to their trust issues and inability to delegate effectively.
  1. They’re oblivious of their capacity for delivery. They confuse talking big for effective delivery. These guys talk BIG, but deliver SMALL.
  1. They fail to realize that wealth is the THINKING or SYSTEMS, not the cash.
  1. They value money over relationships. Consequently destroying valuable relationships for short term gain. They forget that relationship is currency.
  1. They honestly believe that people are unable to see through the ‘money-noise’ into their emptiness.
  1. The appearance of wealth is more important to them than solid wealth systems.
  1. In their minds, big spending, being loud and noisy equals power and authority. They’re convinced that noise is substance; classic display of poverty.
  1. They help you at the expense of your dignity. Make no mistake, their help is a debt that you must repay
  1. Their self esteem is powered by the inferiority of others. They need you to feel and act inferior in order for them to function properly.
  1. They’re quick to play down your value or out rightly devalue you in order to control you and get your best at no price. Manipulation is natural.
  1. They view being rich as a revenge mission. The world must pay for their past sufferings.
  1. They believe that having expensive taste is the same as being classy. They forget that CLASSY is about HONOR, not pricy possessions.
  1. They believe that money is a defense and almost never see that wisdom is a better strategy.
  1. They focus on DOING and HAVING – and have little or no regard for BEING.
  1. They TALK about change with no plans of changing. They’re heavy on the change rhetoric with no growth plan.

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