Dear Entrepreneur, I’m Your Partner!

ImYourPartnerThe second law of ideas states that: no idea can be successfully accomplished alone. There’s always someone involved – directly or indirectly.

In the 21st century, it is risky for the entrepreneur to walk alone. There’s need for strategic partnerships on multiple levels. Our connected world proves that partnership is leverage.

On that note, I’m committed to be your partner on your entrepreneurial journey. I’ve decided to help anyone who’s determined to birth an idea that would be beneficial to others.

My partnership with you will offer five distinct benefits:


In my experience, one major reason for entrepreneur failure is a narrow scope. That is: having a shrunken world view that makes it difficult to constructively interpret the happenings in the entrepreneur’s environment. This in turn works against desired progress.

That’s about to change because…

Our partnership would ensure fresh perspective on entrepreneurship. On this blog, you’ll be given the tools that you need to better understand the details of birthing ideas. I’ll be pulling from multiple sources (including guest posts) to help you view your idea with fresh eyes.


This year, I’ve decided to convert into a free coaching platform for entrepreneurs. Through the posts, I’ll be challenging your thinking, poking around your ideas, making you uncomfortable with normal and asking you tough questions.

If you want to stay in your comfort zone or be mediocre, this blog is not for you because like any effective coach, I’ll be insisting on your success. The materials that you’ll find here will stretch you.


You’re in luck. I’m a writer. And fortunately, I have created content in various formats on entrepreneurship that I’ll be releasing this year. Really good stuff, I must confess; content that will uplift your essence.

I have prepared EBooks that would be available for free download. Also, I will frequently point you to other websites, blogs, books and materials that would help your journey.


If you’ve been an entrepreneur for any number of years, then chances are you’ve experienced the ‘deep end’. The crazy aspect of doing business that threatens to drive you insane or actually does. Birthing an idea can be tough and times can get rough. That’s why encouragement is vital.

As entrepreneurs, we need a mechanism that helps sustain our courage or else we’ll easily lose steam. For you, this blog is that mechanism. I’ve been through the highs and lows of entrepreneurship and I know how it feels.

So, expect plenty of encouragement from this platform for the times you get kicked in the butt and also for the good times.

~COMMUNITY is a platform for entrepreneurs to meet, share ideas, connect, share ‘war stories’, learn, and help each other to grow. Here you’ll find the thoughts and tools that will support a healthy exchange. That’s my commitment.

It’ll be fun.

Are you in?


4 thoughts on “Dear Entrepreneur, I’m Your Partner!

  1. Yes, Yes, Yes!

    No one really tells you just how lonesome the entrepreneurial road can get. The ones who have made it don’t tell you the details of their journeys such as the uncertainties, losses, failures and how exactly they got through them. I agree with the idea of strategic partnerships; they don’t even have to be complex – at times all you need is someone to explore ideas and brainstorm with before testing them. I think your decision to help entrepreneurs this year is great. I’m definitely in.

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