FocusOnEntrepreneurshipAn idea! That’s the point.

Everything is an idea. Trees, ocean, cars, war, peace…even you are an awesome idea. This is life’s simplest form; a thought, which, with good midwifery, becomes obvious to everyone.

I love ideas – deeply. I’m permanently intrigued by the art of thinking and bringing it to life. This concept is at the core of human existence. It’s everyone’s daily struggle. We’re all trying to move an idea from the unseen realm of our minds to the tangible realm of reality. This, also, is the essence of entrepreneurship.

My definition of this form of leadership is the context of my exposé:


It’s all about an idea.


Why have I chosen this focus?

Entrepreneurship is an area that’s full of people daily winging it and hoping for the best. The deception lies in the thinking that it comes naturally.  In their minds, all they need to do is find or create a product that people want, exchange it for cash – and that’s it. How hard can it be, right?

I’m sorry to disappoint, but it doesn’t work that way – at least not anymore. Entrepreneurship has become a delicate art.

Interestingly, this assumption is found on every level of entrepreneurship and people wonder why startups or existing businesses fail. I no longer wonder. One clear reason why they fail is: crazy, untested assumptions! Many entrepreneurs start out full of random notions of how to start and run an idea. I’ve been there.

My leadership experience is firmly rooted in entrepreneurship. For over 15years, I’ve actively engaged in birthing several ideas – both profitable and not so profitable ones. In this area, I have enjoyed my greatest victories and also gotten my butt kicked – thoroughly. Entrepreneurship is a road that I know intimately.

I believe that I can bring some relief and offer good help to anyone trying to birth an idea. Now you understand my decision.


Warning: many of the concepts that I will share henceforth may appear unconventional. I’m not concerned with the usual business rhetoric. My entrepreneurship focus is simple: IDEAS.

How can you successfully birth, sustain and evolve any idea (for profit or non-profit), anywhere, at any scale, at any time? Do you understand the principles that govern ideas? Do you know the levels of idea engagement?

Like oxygen, we take ideas for granted. We throw them around and call them crazy. We forget. Yet, ideas are the door way to new experiences in life. They make life extra-ordinary, exciting and meaningful.

An idea!

That’s all it takes to…

Fill in the blank.

How about we make a quality decision to treat ideas better? Yes, like an endangered species – give thoughts the respect that they deserve.


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