In 2015, Break The Rules!

breaktherulesWelcome to the New Year. You made it. Now that you’re here, what’s it going to be? Do you have an idea? Every year, I make one major decision that guides my goals and actions. I keep it simple so that I’m not overwhelmed.

In 2015, I’ve decided to break the rules. By this, I don’t mean doing illegal stuff, but moving beyond the status quo. More like: digging deep into my soul so that I take actions that are unconventional and meaningful. I won’t be following the crowd.

I’m strictly sticking to my core because that’s where the essence of life is found. I invite you to do the same. You see, your core is designed to be unconventional – that’s its natural state – and it’s good!

For some, this is a scary proposition. They’re not sure where to start. Don’t worry about the details; just make up your mind – for now. We’ll work it out together. You’re not alone.


The tension between social (or cultural) demands and the core of who we really are is tangible. For some weird reason, there’s a cultural push for everyone to think the same, talk alike and do what’s popular – neglecting our primal instinct for unique expression. This push is a recipe for boredom.

There are many people who are bored out of their minds doing life like everyone else or maintaining the status quo. Daily, they watch their lives assume a meaningless flow that they don’t care about. It’s just another day for them to do the same old, mindless activities. They hate every minute. Boring!


How about a new direction? Would you consider a different path? OK! At least, think about it. And hold that thought long enough to take the first baby step. In my view, no one deserves a boring, lifeless existence. It’s an injustice to all the creativity, brilliance and spunk that lies within.

What’s truly sad is the fact that some folks have lived in boredom for way too long. Consequently, they’re lost in the assault of daily life. These guys are waiting for permission to be themselves; they seek permission to breath.

News flash: society may never grant you permission because uniqueness makes people nervous. Generally, folks feel that living from their core requires too much work; hence they live their lives in crippling conformity.

There’s good news!

You don’t need permission. What you need is fresh perspective and knowledge for skillful execution. You have what it takes to enjoy life from your core. You’re not insane. Your ideas may not be conventional, but they’re worthwhile. Besides, ‘crazy ideas’ is how society moves forward.

It’s easy: connect (or re-connect) with your core and you’ll naturally break the rules. For me, that’s the plan. What are you going to do?

Happy New Year!



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