The Business of Wealth

BusinessOfWealthPoverty and wealth share one trait: thinking.

Each path is governed by thought patterns that create systems which in turn guarantee specific results.

For instance, the thought or belief that you’re inadequate or never enough could make you constantly settle for less than you deserve. As a result, average becomes your default position. This root thought keeps your aspirations low and you naturally seek out mundane opportunities. It’s clockwork; never fails!

This is why poverty focuses on money while wealth is system focused.

The wealthy understand that a system is more powerful than a sale. Have you ever wondered why wealthy organizations have a well-thought out sales process? One good reason: the process is the wealth, not the cash exchange. The process guarantees the exchange.


This is not an exhaustive list, but these are a few values of a wealthy system:

  • TIME

Any encounter with a wealthy system would reveal its respect for time. A system is designed such that one thing automatically leads to another in a time frame. It’s called the domino effect. The best systems are structured to properly manage time. Remember, time is money.


True wealth is firmly rooted in growth – personal and professional. Wealthy systems invest in the growth of its people. The prosperity of the enterprise depends on it. On the other hand, poverty and growth opportunities do not mix.


An up-close encounter with some globally influential, wealthy folks and you would be shocked at how gracious and respectful they are.

Wealth is skilled at honor. This is not about crafted PR stunts in the bid to maintain a solid public image or avoid lawsuits. Without implying perfection, true wealth is respectful – deeply respectful – of human interaction.


A wealthy system thinks of how to deliver the best in the best possible way because people deserve the best. Beyond rhetoric, this thinking focuses on building the capacity for great delivery –consistently. Attention to HOW a promise is delivered is one major difference between poverty and wealth.


I’m not talking about money in the bank. Anyone can make cash – but, how do you think? I’ve met rich folks who are not wealthy. In my opinion, the truly wealthy are few.

Wealth is an inward reality – the thinking, system and essence. A wealthy individual can be stripped of all riches – and be cool, because they can easily get it back. It’s essence, not cash.

What’s the quality of your thinking? What’s the quality of your results? Do you enjoy the products of your system? Will your current thought pattern get you what you really want?

The think and get it message is now cliché. However, there’s the aspect of skillful thinking that’s uncommon; this angle to thoughts is how wealthy systems get ahead. In being a skillful thinker, quality of thought is paramount.

Wealth isn’t rocket science.


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