TheEntrepreneurRisk-taker, Heretic, Visionary – are some of the words typically used to describe those who seek a life beyond regular employment. Overall, society views those who attempt to ‘make something happen’ as a restless lot.

There’s some truth to it. At least, you have to feel a hint of dissatisfaction with the present to voluntarily venture into the future.

That said.

Who is an entrepreneur?

Is she a tormented soul tortured by an impossible pursuit or a raving, idealist loony whose thoughts don’t make sense? Is the entrepreneur a guy who wants to make a buck at all costs or the hustler who needs extra income in order to pay their bills? Let me help you.

This is my definition:

An ENTREPRENEUR is someone (or group) who BIRTHS, SUSTAINS and EVOLVES an IDEA.

The simplicity of that definition can easily make you angry. I understand. But if you really think about it, an entrepreneurial endeavor is primarily an effort to birth an idea.


Like many others, I started my entrepreneurial journey in high spirit. I had stumbled upon a product, it sold and I made money. End of story. It was fun while it lasted. Soon enough, I discovered that business is much more than closing a sale.

Entrepreneurship is one area that requires no special qualification. Anyone with an idea and the right dose of courage can pull it off. But why are there so many casualties in this field? Sometimes it feels like a death-wish.

One major reason is that most entrepreneurs lack training. Doctors, singers, lawyers, DJs…many other professionals instinctively understand the need for training in their field – but hardly entrepreneurs. A few good books, some motivational steam, supportive friends, a loan, a ‘can-do’ attitude and we’re ready to ‘rule’ the world. Unfortunately, the stats show that this approach is ineffective.

Beyond the MBA, are you skilled at birthing ideas? Do you understand idea dynamics? Do you know how to design an environment that powers your idea? If you’re in the business of making ideas happen, you need training.


There’s something sexy about skill. We’re inspired when we see a professional profess. It’s energizing; we feel good! On the flipside, we’re irritated by a crude take.

In the 21st century, anyone trying to birth an idea has to face massive changes and high uncertainty. This is no time for a fluky approach. Wise entrepreneurs proactively engage systems that increase their skill.

Change is in the air. And one of such changes is the rise of highly skilled entrepreneurs who proficiently express ideas. Guys who are trained in the art of making things happen; they’re highly equipped to make the unseen appear. The word, entrepreneur, is taking a whole new meaning because uncertain times demand skilled hands.

As an entrepreneur, what plans do you have to increase your skill level? Are you getting better?


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