The Rise Of Social Misfits

SFMOMA is ClosingSecurity, peace, stability, “don’t-rock-the-boat”, certainty, a good job – it all sounds like 1975 or years back when folks were advised to go to college, get a great job and raise a wonderful family. What makes you think it’s different now?

Anyone who went against the established standard was declared a social misfit. You had to have lost your mind.

I recall discussing my ‘big dreams’ (in my teens) with an uncle who promptly warned against my leaning. He was afraid to witness the emergence of another heretic. “Fulfillment is only a passing emotion. Don’t buy into that thinking”, were his words. It was too late.

With heightened uncertainty, people still frantically look for the safety net. At a point, the ‘adventure-juice’ is sucked out of them by real life, bills and their daily job demands. In the process, the dreamer dies.

Social misfits now face the same challenges that their counterparts endured in 1975.


The 2008 global financial crisis proved to the world that when the going gets rough, it’s possible that – not even an Ivy League education can save you. Fault lines in the comfort zone were evident. Security never felt so unsafe. It was a mess!

These days, safe feels more like scary. As a result, depression is now a normal state for many people. Some mental health professionals believe that a good number of folks have no idea that they’re depressed…it’s that normal. Simply making it through the day seems to be the preferred success story.

If safety means daily living in fear, count me out! If it means waking up every morning to go to a job that I hate, I’m not interested. I know the bills have to be paid, but there’s got to be a better way.


What does the future hold for you? What do you see? Does it make you nervous? Where do you find certainty?

These are troubling questions.

More so because global changes are happening at a mind-boggling speed and the face of safe is constantly altered.

So what’s the way forward?


That’s the new safe.

In order to deal with the crazy state of things, playing it safe has been proven ineffective. This is the time to not fit in. Become a social misfit.

The pressure of modern times is pushing humanity to the place where people have to dig deeper within to find real solutions to the challenges that they face.

This is the wrong time to be like everyone else because challenges appear with amazing complexities; we have to dig deep and this is close to impossible when we’re busy living factory-fitted lives.

Fitting in sucks! I tried it – didn’t work for me. In the process of trying to squeeze into a mould, we ignore our uniqueness (our greatest wealth). We buy into the lies that, who we really are, cannot thrive in this world. We die within…now, that sucks more!


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