The War Within: Professional Development Vs Personal Growth

OnecoinEveryone has two faces. They are: the personal and professional face; who you are and what you do. Usually, they’re nonidentical and creating sameness requires hard work.

The pressures of work life often force the individual to focus on professional development and success at the expense of personal growth. You’ll find someone who’s a great investment banker, but has a nasty personality or an amazing surgeon, but untrustworthy. Folks feel the need to increase professional capacity alone because their survival depends on it.

Sadly, it’s costly to ignore any aspect of you. The uncouth professional eventually makes his life difficult because people want to be treated with respect while the incompetent but polite worker is unhealthy to the firm’s bottom-line. Balance is essential.

Honestly, attaining balance is not the easiest task. This is why people lose interest because the demand on their time leaves little or no room for both sides. They find themselves having to choose.

It’s tough, but it can be done. First, acknowledge the need; see why it matters. Then, search for systems that can help you – a book, coaching program, a class or group, etc. Now, take it slow. It’s a journey!


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