You Know Enough, Teach Another!

49HOne challenge that I face as a leadership expert in Africa is that I’m young. In most African cultures, leadership is ascribed to the elderly. Sometimes it’s hard for folks to grasp the idea that leadership can be found anywhere, age irrespective. Still, I thrive!

And this is why.

I understand that growth attained by one is vital to another. In other words, what you’ve gained mastery in automatically qualifies you to teach another and help them attain your level of mastery.

All you have to do to lead is teach someone what you already know in order to lift them up. You know something that another doesn’t and once you teach them, leadership has occurred. Now, that person is empowered to advance beyond the limits that once held them back due to ignorance.

It’s easy!

You’re 25 and skilled at writing, teach an unskilled individual who wants to learn; you’re 15 and have mastered the art of singing, help another; you’re 35 and good at basketball, train a rising star; you’re 65 with plenty of experience, never stop learning.

The more you teach, the more you lead.


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