If Your Boss Is Crazy – It’s OK!

crazybossLeaders can be weird. Who they are often overlaps with what they do. Therein lies the conflict because people are affected by the leader’s person. On this note, it’s easy for people to hate their unpleasant boss.

A leader’s weakness is almost unexpected, especially when they’re highly influential. The days when leaders were believed to be descendants of the gods are over. Now, your boss is a person just like you with added responsibility.

I know leaders who still give the impression that they have no weaknesses. These guys paint an unreal image of who they are, even to their inner circle. This approach is not sustainable; fault lines cannot be hidden forever.

The conventional thinking suggests that leaders should focus on their strengths and not their weaknesses. I beg to differ.

My take: know, own and manage your weaknesses. You may outgrow some, while others may never go away. However, it’s wise to put a weakness management system in place to keep you functional.

Your faults are elements, they don’t define the whole. You can be crazy and still lead well.


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