Insist On Your Success!

insist2Richard Linklater’s movie, Boyhood, took 12years to make. That’s a long time by industry standards. He stayed with the process until it was done. Strange, right?

Some dreams take longer to realize than others. What starts out as a simple quest could take months or even years to complete. In this case, what do you do?

You insist.

There are dreams that change with time and growth. That’s OK. Others tug on your soul and never leave. They’re persistent dreams. Those I suggest that you pursue. Don’t let go.

Whenever I speak of persistent dreams, I feel silly because people wonder why they shouldn’t abandon an idea that’s taking a lifetime to accomplish.  Truth is: these special ideas build your consciousness, give an interesting perspective to life and enrich your journey. Such ideas require patience and growth, qualities that set you up for greater heights.

I have a few dreams that I’ve insisted on. They’ve taken long, but the picture gets clearer. I’m closer now and that’s exciting. What I’m enjoying the most about the journey is the person that I’ve become. I love the me that the process has produced.

Do insist.


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