Psych: The Energy to Perform

PsykhIn my city, when folks are excited about something, they’re said to have ‘psych’. It means that one has ample energy to pursue and engage in an endeavor. When people have psych to do something, they will do it.

Environmentalists are quick to remind us about the importance of conserving energy because they believe the future of the planet depends on it. That’s a good argument. There’s yet another angle.

As humans, it’s also important to manage our energy level because every day we use up emotional energy as we do life. Just like any other form of energy when it’s low or high, our performance at any task can be affected. When we lack ‘psych’, we’re not excited and we may not be at our best.

Effective leaders know how to manage energy. That’s why they relish a good P.A. This way the demand on their time is scrutinized for best results. Also, these leaders weigh the activities that they’re involved in. Based on their value system, they identify and avoid energy wasting commitments.

There are times when a leader’s energy level becomes the deciding factor for the next stage; guard it fiercely.


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