Qualify: The Importance of Vetting Systems

QualifyThe TED community is close knit. There are certain levels of involvement that requires that one goes through a comprehensive vetting process before admission or permission. TED’s gatekeepers are particular about the details of the TED brand. It’s very impressive.

I’m comfortable with their approach because I understand how much time, money and effort that goes into building a successful corporate or personal brand. Much resource goes in. That’s why when it comes to brand association, the seeker has to qualify.

Over the years, I’ve come to value vetting systems because they protect the brand. A Lamborghini is not designed for everyone. In order to own one, your profile and financial capacity would have to match the brand.

A leader without an effective vetting system would eventually lose steam.  You’re expected to accord everyone due respect, but you cannot give everyone the same level of access. It’s not practical.

It’s important to establish levels of exchange. Reading my blog or books is one level. Attending my trainings or conferences is another and one-on-one coaching interaction is a different level. At each stage, you have to qualify to gain access.


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