What You Bring Matters

whatyoubringWhen you meet me, you’ve met the next level. Everything about my person is designed to help others access higher levels – no matter who you are. It’s natural. I’m not bragging; I can’t help it. That’s me. I love it!

In 2001, I was having coffee with a friend from Mali and she started talking to me about the importance of understanding what comes with me or what I bring when I walk into a room. Her argument was that folks react to a person’s aura in different ways, whether they’re aware or not. Prior to that, I had never had anyone put it quite like that.

Since then, I’ve been keen to observe people to identify what naturally comes with them. One of my sisters is a natural coordinator. When she shows up, there’s order. Everything nicely falls into place and people enjoy good flow. Also, I have a friend who’s intensely resourceful. When he’s around, new knowledge appears.

What do you bring? Do you have an idea? What effect do you have on others? Are people excited to have you around? I’m sure you bring really good stuff.


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