Mistakes: An Entrepreneur’s Learning Opportunity

MistakesThere’s a strong link between mistakes and perfection. For one, every form of perfection was made by imperfect hands – art, music, architecture – every single perfect work was born by imperfect souls.

People who attained high levels of mastery did so by making mistakes – and lots! Hence, perfection is effective imperfection.

In my experience, entrepreneurs hate making mistakes. We want to get it right the first time – always. Sadly, our flawed nature gets in the way and creates an uncomfortable itch that constantly reminds us of our limits. It can be annoying.

Despite our mistakes, we can still be functional if we understand that: perfection is the creative use of our flaws.

When a 3year old makes mistakes, an adult’s typical response is a smile acknowledging the cuteness of the child’s ignorance. In the grownup’s mind, the kid is yet to understand how the world works. The infant is quickly forgiven.

Generally, what we forget as adults is the importance of mistakes. We rarely have systems in place to accommodate and utilize them.

Making mistakes is how entrepreneurs grow. In fact, the presence of mistakes is a sign of growth.


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