How To Avoid The Illusion of Success ~ 2

BoatIf I dig deeper into the success picture that you currently display, would I find a solid foundation or some flaky structure?

The truly wealthy are careful to study, understand and apply the process of success so that success becomes their name. To these guys the process is more important than the appearance of success.

They know that wealth is sustained by consistent, hard work and systematically applying success principles – not gambling through life.

This might be shocking to some of us ‘entitled’ millennials, who believe that simply putting up a YouTube video and having it go viral is all that we need to ‘make it’.

You’re better off using a time tested approach – which is to: roll up your sleeves and do the real work. Grow from level to level and be your best at every level.

Make it. Skip the fake part. I’m tired of watching entrepreneurs struggle to keep up with things for which they lack capacity.

The illusion of success is a stressful take on life. I suggest that you figure out what it takes to succeed and pay the price. Don’t fake it, make it!


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