Hustlers Vs Entrepreneurs

PaintingHip-hop and other sub cultures made the word, ‘hustler’, prominent.

The picture we’ve been shown is an individual who’s street smart, knows how to ‘work’ the hood and get results – usually financial. Also, hustle is used by folks to mean they’re working hard on the daily grind.

Is the entrepreneur a hustler? Or is there a difference?

The lines differentiating the entrepreneurs and hustlers are somewhat blurred. Some would argue that they’re the same.

I’ve not drawn a conclusion; I’m still observing. Then again, we might just be dealing with a mix-up in terminologies. Maybe what’s most important is getting the job done, the methods irrespective.

My interest in this issue was sparked when I encountered a hustler who made our business exchange unbearable because he sincerely believed he was displaying solid business practices.

Eventually, time proved him wrong. His false confidence tried to give off the aura of a savvy business man, but trained eyes could see right through.

This is my take:

Whatever side of the divide that you fall, please try to avoid ‘ignorant-pride’ and by all means, know what you’re doing or at least, engage a learning process.


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