Why Passion Could Harm The Entrepreneur ~ 2

BAR CODE - THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY by Emo  5th Sep 2009 close up shotPassion is a starter. It gives you enough motivation to get going. I would advise that you don’t ‘go-out-to-sea’ without it. Raw passion is required to birth an idea; make no mistake about it.

However, it is important to move from raw to refined passion (it means making raw passion practical and useful).

Refined passion has every element of the raw, plus the added advantage of boredom-proof, consistent action. It’s not tied to emotional fluctuation. This is the forte of professionals.

For instance, my refined passion drives me to seek out a good accountant who would help keep my finances in order. Refined passion makes me care about the legal details of what I’m doing.

My refined passion makes me want to be the best professional that I can be and not shabby in my dealings. I’m deeply passionate about my blog. That’s why I write every day, whether I’m in the mood or not.

It would help to spread out your passion, beyond the feelings of excitement. What does your raw passion mean in practical terms? How does it play out? What does it look like?


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