Why Passion Could Harm The Entrepreneur

FlowerThe annoying part of the movie, The Titanic, was that Jack (Leonardo Dicaprio) died in the freezing chill. I was upset. The lovers had a good chance of survival.

Jack’s attempt to put Rose (Kate Winslet) on the rescue boat failed because her passion for them was firey. She couldn’t imagine being apart. At the end, he died.

There’s an intensity about passion that defies logic. Gripped by its urgency, you feel the heat in your bones. It’s an intoxicating drive that can only be appeased with action.

Entrepreneurship is the passion trade. Burning with intense desire for their vision, entrepreneurs plunge into the dictates of their dream. Nothing can stop them; it must be done – and done now! It’s sometimes described as ‘raw’ passion.

Now, that’s the challenge.

I’ve played in the passion arena long enough to know that passion is not enough.

Passion can be blinding when not properly appropriated. As entrepreneurs, we catch a vision and the passionate drive can make us skip vital details.

Interestingly, if one is not careful, the same passion that launched the idea could destroy the dream.


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