A Simple Approach To Strategy For Startups

DoorwayIn my freshman year of college, I took a class called Business Organization and Leadership, taught by a Harvard trained Belgian professor. He taught us that STRATEGY is defined by these three simple questions:


According to the sign on your door, you sell shoes – but what are you really selling and is the message clear? What experience does your business give? What feeling do folks enjoy when they encounter your business? This is the basis for your brand essence.

  • TO WHOM?

Who is your service or product designed to serve? How well do you know them? How much effort do you put in trying to connect with them? Now, buyers expect the seller to effectively connect with their values, concerns and needs and in this case, good connection means healthy sales.


“If people walk past your shop to buy from the shop down the street, then they must be doing something right”, professor Du Jardin would say. In essence, there’s a good reason why the other guy is making sales and you’re not.


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