Effective Entrepreneurs Have a Growth Plan

Urban-DilemmaGrowth is the elevation of consciousness; the art of increasing one’s awareness of life. The business of birthing, sustaining and evolving ideas requires that the entrepreneur grows from stage to stage.

Effective entrepreneurs are proactive about growth. They think about it, plan for it and spend on it.

The master coach, Anthony Robins, works with the best minds in global business that pay him up to $1million/year for just one thing: GROWTH. With Robins’ help, they constantly elevate their consciousness which in turn reflects in their steady business progress.

How alive are you? What’s your level of consciousness? Are you sleep-walking through life? What’s your growth plan?

Start where you are. You could read a good book monthly, sign into a coaching program, join a mastermind group or establish key relationships that would expand your scope.

The idea is to find anything positive (a system you engage with consistently) that breaks the cycle of mediocrity and enlarges your vision of yourself.


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