Entrepreneurship is Basic Instinct

TRISTAN_EATON_Street_art_graphic_LA_artist_12Our ability to imagine and execute ideas makes us creators and it’s amazing what we’ve been able to do so far. Our world is filled with different art forms that show the inexhaustible capacity of the human mind. It’s truly magical.

If we are creators who birth ideas, I dare say that: everyone is entrepreneurial on some level; it’s coded in our nature.

Granted, some people have taken a deeper plunge than others, but let’s not take for granted that everyone births ideas all the time.

Many may never be featured on Forbes magazine, however, the entrepreneurial drive is not reserved for the chosen few; it’s available to everyone.

Let’s get back to the basics. Entrepreneurship is about ideas; the joy of making a thought happen. Everyone has access to this joy because anyone can think it and do it.

Often, we’re drowned in the pressures of making money that we forget about the true essence of entrepreneurship.

Unfortunately, the money angle could stop people from pursuing their ideas because they don’t see themselves as ‘entrepreneurs’.

They forget that they’ve been successfully birthing ideas all their lives; they’ve been entrepreneurial all along. It’s primal.


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