If you’re not Learning, You’re not Leading

IMG_4260Curiosity killed the cat, not the leader. OK! Now, I’m just being dramatic, but you get my drift. The ability to stay curious is one of the qualities of an effective leader. It means that one is ready to learn.

I’ve discovered that good leaders learn broadly. Furthermore, they’re careful to study people because leadership is about people.

A leader’s idea draws people. When this pull occurs, it’s the visionary’s responsibility to either encourage them to stay or make them leave the vision. It all depends on how the ideologist deals with the people.

As an entrepreneur, you are also a leader and a healthy knowledge of people is required.

Show care by investing the time to study those around you. What do they value? What are their concerns?

Even within professional boundaries, value can be effectively communicated the moment we decide to learn more about others with the aim of adding value to them.

A simple start: open your eyes to the needs of those around you and find small ways to help them. Make your presence an asset, not a deficit. That’s leading!


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