The Making of an Entrepreneur

HouseBroadly speaking, four key elements shape the entrepreneur. They are:

  • An Idea

It starts here. It’s the moment that your mind is invaded by an idea; a thought. It happens to the entrepreneur and things are never the same.

The ‘aha’ or ‘light-bulb’ moment captures the dreamer and opens up possibilities. No entrepreneur escapes this.

  • Courage

It’s called ‘having-balls’.

Not many people get here. At this point, you’ve mustered or developed the will power, inner strength and resolve to actually do the idea. It’s on!

  • Perseverance

Every idea is challenged; tested for validity. It’s more like the universe trying to confirm your resolve. Sometimes the test gets intense; that’s why effective dreamers press on to make their idea happen.

  • Perspective

You’ve moved from the idea, grown some ‘balls’ to make it happen, fought the good fight…now that you have your baby, it’s important for entrepreneurs to take some time to put things in proper perspective.

To do this, we archive all the wisdom found on the journey. We learn, grow and change. We’re wiser, stronger and better, ready to do it all over again.


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