How To Attract, Keep and Deploy Great Talent

GreatalentAs a consultant, I’ve worked with organizations that knew how to attract great talent, but unsuccessful in keeping or putting them to good use.

So, how do you keep good people? Here we go:


Great talents want to associate with organizations that won’t waste their time because the company knows why it exists. Beyond making money, the company serves a higher, meaningful purpose.


To retain brilliant guys, this is huge! You have to create a positive growth environment. Your space must promise and deliver on growth for good people to stay.

The absence of growth means that the organization is beneath the individual’s capacity and that’s not motivating.

Folks will leave a job with great pay because they know that they will not grow there. They’re looking for much more, not just money.


Great talent wants to fly – always! It’s natural. This individual is constantly seeking higher levels and pushing the limits. Otherwise, boredom sets in.

Creating an environment that’s full of worthy challenges and trusting good people to take them on is fantastic use of their energy. It means they’ve been deployed right!


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