Ideas Don’t Rule The World

Message in the windowThoughts are common. Also, they’re not special. Don’t be confused. I’m not saying they’re not important; they are. But you find them everywhere; like oxygen, ideas are free.

Furthermore, an idea cannot change anything. Yes, I said it. They say that, “Ideas rule the world”. I do not agree. I’m yet to find an idea that ruled the world. Ideas are mental suggestions.

As a dreamer, I began to enjoy the power of ideas when I realized that:

Only DONE Ideas rule the world!

If your idea is not done, it cannot rule. Talking about it doesn’t count. Only done ideas rule!

At the risk of sounding like Nike, stop waiting for your idea to be perfect and just do it!

We postpone learning as we wait for all to look ideal. Step out and get it done. An idea in raw form is more powerful than an undone one.

Are you going to try? If you will, then your idea has a chance of ruling the world. Your thoughts need some fresh air, let them come out to play and let’s see how it goes.


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