Is Success Enough?

SuccessEnoughMore than ever, the world appears confused about the workings of success. What used to mean success has lost its broad appeal. Now success is subjective and everyone seems to have a valid argument.

In February 2010, aged 40, the renowned fashion designer, Alexander McQueen, took his own life. He had attained global success in a tough industry. Why would he want to commit suicide?

SIDENOTE: Let me quickly add that not every successful person is unhappy and I don’t believe that success is the road to unhappiness either. You can be successful and happy.

However, is success enough?

One element that’s increasingly in demand in the recipe for success is contentment. It is your ability to realize and confidently affirm that you’re enough in the context of all that you’re achieving, have or haven’t achieved.

In a culture that defines success as constantly doing, being and having more – with no clear marks and the goal post always moving – each person needs an acceptable measure to help keep their sanity.

For me, contentment is that measure.

Is success enough? That doesn’t quite matter. The real question is: success or failure, are you enough?


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