Obstacles: The Entrepreneur’s Snack ~ 2

talacre mono 4Seasoned entrepreneurs are like pro athletes. They have the same attitude to obstacles and difficulties.

Athletes have an unusual intimacy with difficulties.  They expect it, utilize it and thrive in it. An Olympian isn’t shocked by grueling hours of training. Their minds are at home with the drill. They actually like it.

When I asked a basketball coach about this attitude, he told me that athletes understand that obstacles are one of the primary ways of being and staying the best. So they gladly embrace it.

As entrepreneurs, this way of thinking could serve as a strategic mental poise. Success or failure may never be easy; let it sink in. Mr. Cohen knew this going into Russia and he was ready to ride it out.

My favorite thing about obstacles is: who you become afterwards. Challenges don’t just make you stronger, but also, your skill level rises – sometimes astronomically.

Can you imagine the amount of experience, learning, exposure and wealth that George Cohen gained after Pushkin? The businessman that he was before the project was nothing compared to the entrepreneur that he became.


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