Obstacles: The Entrepreneur’s Snack

ObstaclesGeorge Cohen is a Canadian businessman. And that’s a big deal!

In January 1990, the first McDonald was opened in Pushkin Square, Moscow and that was a historic event in the former communist nation and Mr. Cohen did it.

For 12years, he worked on this crazy idea and his board thought he had gone mad. The political and diplomatic twists were excruciating and unbelievable.

When he finally got the Russian government to agree three years after Gorbachev got into power, setting up was a logistical nightmare in a city that was used to food shortages and endless queues. Potatoes were flown in from the United States. It was an insane undertaking.

But the move was revolutionary.

On that cold, grey morning when McDonald’s Moscow first opened its doors, Cohen’s dream came alive. That day, 34000 people were served and the initiative changed the Soviet service culture. Now, there are more than 300 McDonald’s across the former Soviet Union. Talk about a delicious story!

The business mind is obstacle-ready, especially in the reality of massive uncertainty. In entrepreneurship, obstacles are normal – comes with the territory. Cohen knew it.


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