Hard Work Isn’t Ebola

Supple2Ebola hit parts of West Africa (Liberia, Sierra Leone, etc) and it was devastating. Many people died and life changed as they knew it; very sad indeed. The crazy disease brought economies to a halt.

Just like Ebola killed folks, some people believe that hard work would have the same effect on them. They feel that committing to a course and paying the price for a worthy goal would somehow diminish their person.

From me to you with love: hard work will not kill you. Only do it smartly and you’ll be fine. It’s OK to increasingly give your best in order to achieve your goal.

I almost feel silly writing this post because it’s something we should all understand or so it seems. However, laziness in the 21st century is sophisticated and technology is the excuse. This attitude tries to convince us that hard work is obsolete – forgetting that someone worked hard to make success visible.

Technology is great and social media is fantastic, but none will be a substitute for smart, hard work. Instead, hard workers use technology to achieve more in shorter time. Get with the program and up your game!


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