Humility: The Entrepreneur’s Edge

imageIt is a tricky word: humility. Normally, it comes with the fuzzy feeling of lowliness. Honestly, it’s hardly thought through and folks generally don’t know what to do with it. But, what does humility really mean?

This is my definition:

Humility is the willingness to learn, change and grow.

If you’re willing to learn from people and life, change (at least, acknowledge and respect the views of others) and grow (increase your emotional capacity to add value to others), then you’re humble.

This definition has helped me escape the stifling attitude around the subject so that I’m now able to focus on what works.

Entrepreneurship got me thinking about humility because I started out in business with a measure of ignorant pride. I thought I knew so much when in essence, I didn’t know enough. Now, I can chalk it off to youth (but I’m still young).

Humility became important to me because I realized that in order to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to be in a permanent state of enquiry; a place where you’re always asking questions. Remember, if you seek, you will find.


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