The Sign of Humility

SignsAsking questions! That’s one of the main signs of humility. It’s not self deprivation, avoiding the good life or stifling others with a weird attitude, but wanting to know. That’s humility.

One key to enlightenment is first admitting that your knowledge is limited and seeing the need to know more. And based on this, seeking out what you need to know.

Also being open to learning from every source is important in this equation. Picky learners often miss vital lessons.

Furthermore, we learn in order to change. That’s the point. It starts from a change in perspective, at the very least – if not behavioural. Learning helps us to appropriate diverse views even if we don’t agree with them. This way, you’re better poised than the ignorant individual.

Change in behaviour also applies. Humility is fulfilled when we rethink our views and change when it’s time – if necessary. It means growth.


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