How To Positively Impact Others

57279-49334Angela Franklin changed my life.

She was my freshman English professor in college. Angela’s class was the start of the making of the writer. As I went to collect my graded paper (which had an A on it), she said these words as she handed it over, “Samuel, you’re a strong writer”. That was it. I thanked her and walked away, but something was different.

The moment she said those words, the writer in me emerged. I had never thought of myself as a writer, but at that moment, everything changed. For the first time, I saw the writer in me.

We experience these defining moments throughout life – when in an instant, we become. Our eyes are unveiled (the curtain is pulled back) and we’re ushered into a new world. These moments make us.

Learn to gift people with such moments by simply telling them the good that you see (or have) identified in them. Ms. Franklin saw a writer and told me what she saw. Simple!

No grand gesture. Just see the good in someone and let them know.


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