Invest in Your Mind, But There’s a Trick

fine_artWhen I started out in business, I read everything that I could find on the subject. My scope expanded and the future felt exciting.

After a while, I realized that my business results did not match my reading. Obviously, I knew a lot of good stuff, but I also needed to grow my numbers. I had no plans of being full of knowledge, intellectual and poor.

I thought it through and decided to change my strategy. And to accomplish this, I asked myself two questions: where am I now? And, what’s my next level?

I had to understand my current business position, paint a good picture of what the next level looked like, and then tailored my reading accordingly.

Don’t get me wrong, read as vast as you want, but as an entrepreneur, have a specific book collection (and other materials) designed to usher you into the next level. Read books that offer a clear blueprint for the next phase of your endeavor; I call it – strategic reading.


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