Dear Entrepreneur, It’s OK to Get a Job

GetJobTwo, maybe three camps exist on the subject of entrepreneurship.

We have the group of employed folks who think that entrepreneurs are losers who stupidly live on the edge for no good reason.

The other crowd is the entrepreneurs who believe that the employed simply have no balls to pursue a conviction.

Then, there’s the middle – who try to combine both endeavors.

But who is right?


The entrepreneurial journey is not a straight line. We have folks who have never worked for another and guys who worked awhile before starting a business. Others move in and out – balancing employment and entrepreneurship.

We all go about the journey differently. No one should be trapped by one method.

So as an entrepreneur, if you have to temporarily get a job to stay afloat, do it. It doesn’t mean your dream is dead or you’ve failed – sometimes going cold-turkey hurts more than it helps. The idea is to do whatever it takes to achieve your dream.

On that note: relax! A job doesn’t make you any less of an entrepreneur. If you must get one, do it. No shame.


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