The Price Loved Ones Pay for Entrepreneur’s Dream

LovedOnesIn modern culture, the successful entrepreneur is a hero. This person has achieved wealth despite the odds. She’s celebrated in the media and displayed as a beacon of hope.

But, she didn’t do it alone.

Many people played vital roles in her success story – especially loved ones. Folks sacrificed at every stage to make the entrepreneur’s dream come true. They’re seldom celebrated, but they exist.

The entrepreneur’s dream will put loved ones to the test. Colleagues, family and friends labor in love to help the dreamer’s idea.

Sometimes the price is high and process – exhausting, for those who have chosen to love the dreamer. Spouses and children (on occasion) get a raw deal – doing without the one with whom they wish to spend more time or sacrificing in other ways. It can be crazy.

I encourage every entrepreneur to acknowledge and always appreciate this group for their love, prayers, support, tears, encouragement, courage – and strong belief in the dreamer’s dream.

Thank them often for not giving up on you. Appreciate them for staying in your corner – and if no one will mention their name or celebrate them, you do it.


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