Your Idea Believes in You


That’s one of the emotions that you feel when an awesome idea hits you.


At that point, you doubt you can pull it off.

But this is how it works: an idea knows things about you that you’re yet to discover about yourself. That’s why it comes to you totally confident that you can make it happen – whether you believe it or not. The idea is never in doubt.

Now, the real work is getting you to see and agree that you can make it work. The idea might succeed or fail in persuading you, but it’s not unsure of its choice.

Before an idea knocks on your door, all the resource that you need to realize it has been factored and already in place. It’s no use worrying about how you will do it because provision is sorted. All you need to do is say: yes!

Folks back down on a thought because they don’t see HOW they can do it and that’s a mistake. An idea comes loaded with resources, looking for someone who will agree to the package and run with it.

Will you agree? No more excuses.


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