Forget The Hype: Avoid This Stupid Aspect of Entrepreneurship

ForgetTheHypeThe picture of a successful entrepreneur with a large smile on the cover of Forbes magazine is the media’s serving. “She built a billion dollar company in just five years”, are the stories that we see. But are they the true picture?

The downside to this culture is the entrepreneur’s belief that hype is what building a great business is all about.

It’s common for entrepreneurs to paint a picture of what they’re not in order to drive the numbers. They think an inflated ego will replace the principles of good business practice.

Hype is the entrepreneur’s disease.

How do I know this?

I’ve been there.

I know what it means to put up a colorful corporate front with little substance to back it. After awhile, it hurts your competence and you’re unable to move to higher levels because you lack the credibility. It sucks!

My advice: do great business. Focus on the principles, practices and policies of good entrepreneurship.

Hype has its place in product and brand awareness, but it’s not the essence of business. An entrepreneur who’s drunk on hype spells disaster. It’s not a good sign.


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