The Art of Waiting

ArtOfWritingMy confession:

Waiting is one of my least favorite things. I do it only when necessary, otherwise, I don’t see the point.

But life thinks differently. That’s why it schedules periods of waiting – when all we can do is: chew on ‘patience pie’.

If waiting is part of life’s reality, can we get better at it? Yes we can!


One: Identify The Gains

If I must wait as part of life’s process, I can’t wait for nothing. Now, I ask myself: what do I want to get out of this wait? What benefits do I want to leave with by the time its over? Once I was put on hold by life and I decided to write three books. That was my take out.

Two: Every Wait Ends

This is an invaluable mental poise. For you to survive the waiting process, you must understand that every wait comes to an end. It’s a law.

Three: Get Busy

Waiting doesn’t mean that we sit around doing nothing. We’re in a process that requires that we change focus – not be inactive. While you’re waiting, create something. Put your mind to work.


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