The Cultural Pushback To Progressive Thinking

CulturalPushbackThe conflict between the status quo and the new is an old war. Despite the innovation hype in the media and corporate corridors, sameness seems to have a strong grip. History proves that society moves forward reluctantly.


The reasons abound.

Usually, the old feels threatened by the new – hence, a fight. This is also the reality of ideas. It is important for the entrepreneur to acknowledge and understand the gravity of the conflict.

Often, entrepreneurs take this fact for granted until they suddenly find themselves in an unplanned war. These ideologues expect their ideas to be warmly accepted, forgetting the mind’s tendency to stick with the coziness of the familiar.

To birth an idea: be ready for a fight! The establishment is unlikely to be as welcoming as you think. If for some reason, you enjoy a smooth sail, that’s the exception – not the rule.

The new is untested – that’s one reason society will fight it. In fairness, reasonable people hardly give up what works for the promise of what will work. And why should they? Now, that’s for the entrepreneur to successfully explain. That’s the real fight.


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